Magento Layoffs – Is Magento a sinking ship?

you-are-firedI remember a couple of Miva Conferences ago, sitting in Rick Wilson’s keynote session hearing about Megento, and how Miva statistics measured up in comparison. I didn’t need to be told that Miva Merchant Shopping Cart was still the best bang for the buck, or that its support was far better than any other professional shopping cart out there, but it was nice to see the numbers in black and white.

Only a year later, MivaCon14 has come and gone by a couple of weeks, and apparently so has the Magento fad. Seems like a mere ghost ship at this point.

A little Background

Magento is a rewritten version of oScommerce that was later turned into something of hobbled-together mess by the open source community. Later, eBay acquired Magento.

According to, last week Ebay announced layoffs of about 50 staff in the Magento product and marketing departments, along with the departure of Jimmy Duvall, the head of product.

It looks like it is possible that their MagentoGO product may be being discontinued. This product was aimed at small businesses, and was meant to compete with BigCommerce, but talk on the internet would tell you that it has not been a big hit.

How it May Affect You

We hear from a lot of incoming clients that Magento support is practically non-existent. I wonder what it will be like now? This sort of news reminds me of the same kinds of questions that are being asked about the merger of Time Warner and Comcast.

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