Miva Shopping Cart: Great client = great results!

responsive design websiteIt is rare when you completely fall in love with a client. But it does happen, and it has happened to us.

We have been working with our client, Dave Stedman, of Candle-licious.com, and we have all truly fallen in love with this man’s vision, his products, and his passion.

When a client has poured his heart, blood, sweat, and tears into a company like Dave’s, it takes a while for that full-fledged trust to develop. The kind of trust where you completely hand your ‘baby’ over to a Miva developer.

We could feel the dismay, the doubt, and then the ‘maybe it will be okay’, to finally, the ‘WOW, you just keep making me smile’, as the process has gone on. Once we got to know Dave’s candles, we could see why Dave was so careful in picking who he would partner with.

The perfect Candle needs the perfect Shopping Cart.

Dave has perfected his hand-pouring process to a genius level, making triple-scented, long clean burning candles. Truly, we can vouch for that. I have one burning in my office right now! This one votive scents our whole office. Our own clients want to know where I get these candles, and I am happy to tell them.

The Miva development process is so much fun when you have a great relationship with the client! We arrive everyday to work with creative ideas swarming in our heads, and go to sleep at night reviewing what we did all day. We find ourselves pouring as much love into Dave’s new Miva shopping cart, as he does into his candles. It’s a happy marriage. And an exciting note: Miva just released Miva Merchant 9, so Dave’s store is being built in the BEST shopping cart on the planet!

Good people create good results. Period.

Dave never ceases to be grateful, excited and respectful. He brings out the best in us. It shows in our creativity on his website design. We truly feel his future success is our heart’s desire. Thanks, Dave, for being one of the good people!

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Holly Nelson

Holly Nelson, CEO of 2C Development Group brings more than 20 years of success in internet marketing to every project. Her ability to identify production, communication, customer service and logistical pain points and to solve them through increased efficiencies in website design/development, online catalog management sales solutions, online content development and marketing brings consistent, clearly demonstrable ROI to clients. Follow on Twitter and Google+


  1. Dave Stedman

    Holly and Calvin, thank you for being so passionate and caring about our business and our new website design, I will be forever in your debt. You both have gone over and above all expectations about the look and feel we wanted. As the project is reaching completion you are still amazing me with the attention to even the smallest detail.
    Holly is truly the goddess of the online world and Calvin is our Storm Shadow the ninja programmer. I rest easy now that 2C has my back.

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