Using Hashtags Increases Engagement

Using Hashtags Increases EngagementHashtags, Shmashtags! So can this world of hashtags really be all that wonderful?

It makes you wonder when you see people abusing them with hashblosions such as #itreallyhelpseveryoneoutandyousellmorestuff

Then there are those stupidly annoying hashtags! #justsaying #nofilter #humblebrag #selfie #bling #yolo

In reality, hashtags were first introduced to Internet users to make searching and curating easier, and has evolved into ways to engage people of like mind into conversations. For example, you might want to converse with others about




How to Use Hashtags to Increase Engagement

Below is Neil Pate’s Ultimate Guide to Hashtags. It is brilliant at telling you just how to gauge how many, which ones, and where. As many of you may know, Neil’s hallmark skill is collecting and understanding data and then creating illustrations of the data so we can see not only what works, but also what doesn’t.

The Ultimate Guide to Hashtags
Courtesy of: Quick Sprout

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