Miva Production Release 8 Update 9 Bells and Whistles

Miva Merchant Users:

Click here to see all the new exciting things that Miva rolled out on this update. http://www.mivamerchant.com/pr8-9-features

Some of the features replace certain third party modules, which will allow for a little less overhead in your store and speedier page loads times. You do not HAVE to remove the modules you are using, but you may wish to eventually. If you need help understanding which modules are being replaced by streaming updates, and which ones you still need, please contact us for a needs analysis.

NOTE: If you have not yet run this update, we suggest that you do it. It also has bug and security fixes that are critical to running a safe and secure Miva Merchant Store. After running it, you will probably be asked to run the recently streamed Production Release 8 Update 10, which will get your eCommerce store all up-to-date.

Holly Nelson

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