Young Entrepreneur Takes Business to a Whole New Level

Want to be uplifted? This is a must-read interview with a wonderful young entrepreneur.

Tiffanie is an inspiration to me as an business owner and she will be to you too. After all, Tiffanie, young entrepreneur, and owner of Muddy Rose Facialswho can resist that contagious smile?

Tiffanie is a 10 year-old that was given the opportunity to run her own business for a day and has found that Muddy Rose, her company, was meant for more than a day! Tiffanie creates her own all-natural facials and scrubs to refresh and rejuvenate your skin! Want to encourage this young lady? See her contact info below. and get involved!

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Interview Transcript

Tiffanie, I was really excited to hear about you, as you remind me of myself at your age. I did almost anything I could do to be in business growing up, from making crafts to sell at flea markets, to buying and reselling antiques, to leaf raking and snow shoveling, and lemonade stands.

Muddy Rose FacialsWell, I always did love doing that stuff too, and actually, I used to do these little newspapers for our neighborhood, and it was $5 to pay for them, and I used to rake leaves too.

Understanding the value of money and being willing to work hard for it is such a wonderful trait. I have three boys that are grown-ups now, and that is how I raised them. In fact, when they were little, they used to complain that the other kids in the neighborhood didn’t have to work for their money, and that none of them had chores. But you know what? They are really glad as adults now that they know how to do all kinds of side jobs to make extra money when they need to.

I never really have needed money, but I just did jobs for fun. I do do chores, but mostly I have everything that I need. I just do this for fun, for charity, to buy clothes, like if I am growing out of all my clothes, to help out my mom, and to have some extra money in case something new comes around.

That is really smart, and I think what you just said there is what I would call the earmark of an entrepreneur. The driving idea that “I might have what I need, but I can always do something better. I can always save up, or help other people. I am not totally happy with the status quo.” I really admire that in you.

Thank you.

What is the best thing about having your own company?Tiffanie, giving facials at the Mall.

Um, being an owner and being in charge of something. Mostly everything really. I like to be the boss and tell everyone what to do, including my mom, and my grandparents.

That is one of the reasons that I like having my own company too. I like the feeling of being able to control my own destiny a little bit. That is another really good quality that I see in you.

Ya, actually, right before you called, I was sewing a bracelet to make my mom. My uncle is in high school, and he plays football. And so I was making bracelets for my family to wear for that.

See, there you go. I like that a lot. I am betting you are a wonderful person to live around.

(Laughing) Yes, everyone says I am their favorite!

What do you like least about being in business?

I don’t like how much, like when you run the business, you are so tied to being crazy about the money. And you constantly have to take yourself down from that. I don’t like that money part. I really like doing the business, but not getting too much into the money.

You know? I think you are really smart. And it sounds like you have some good people around you keeping you grounded. That is something we have to fight as adult business owners, too. I have had to make a lot of decisions through the years, because I am a single mom, and due to home schooling, about why I was going to choose to do a job. Was it just for the money, or was it for the good of all the people involved. I am really happy to hear that you are thinking about that, and able to focus on making good choices with your time. I know a lot of grown-ups that don’t make that decision well.

Thank you.

You are home schooled, right?

Yes, I am, actually. We are getting ready for 5th grade.

Wow, that is exciting! That is a big jump when you get into 5th grade.

You know what? My mom is a single mom too. And I am an only child.

Tiffanie, that reminds me of my family. I have two boys that are now in their later twenties, and then 7 years went by, and I had my youngest, Calvin. So my time with Calvin was a lot like it is for you and your mom. That is one reason your story caught my eye. I know what a challenge it can be for a single mom, who home schools, and also for the child. When I hear such success stories coming from families like ours, I want to get involved and to encourage.

What do you do now?

As you have already heard. I have had a long and illustrious career of small businesses. Right before I started this company, I ran a house cleaning company called, Maid to Order. Since we home schooled, I could take my boys with me to help clean the houses, and then we would come home and do school. They are all professionally trained house cleaners. One day, I was scrubbing a floor, on my hands and knees, and just couldn’t see myself doing that when I got older. I turned my love of art, and education in graphic design into a website design company in the mid-1990’s here in Wichita, Kansas.

I home schooled my youngest son, Calvin, in the same office that I run this web development business out of, so he grew up in the business. Just naturally he came to know a lot about the software we use, and how to work with clients, and having graduated this past year, he has become the manger of our website designers.

Cool, so it is a family business?

Yes it is, just like yours. Sometimes that can be easy, and sometimes that can be hard. When you spend a lot of time together like this, it can be hard to figure out if Mom is talking to you as mom, or as your helper, and who’s the boss in any given situation.

Are you able to do this because you home school? Would you still be able to do it, if you were gone all day at a public school?

No, actually I don’t. I really don’t. Because it gives me more chance to think, and to interact more with my mom and my family, when I need help. If I was gone most of the day, I would busy with homework and all that stuff. It would be very hard if I was going to public school.

Tell me more about this upcoming trip that you are earning money for?

Well, we call it ‘The Whatever Girls’. It’s about girls who are doing what God meant for them.  I am doing Muddy Rose, and God is really helping me. They are having a Whatever Girls Conference in Washington State, and we’re trying to go. They also want me to do Muddy Rose there. They are going to have this slumber party, and I am going to be doing Muddy Rose facial masks and all the relaxing things that we do.

Wow, makes me want to go. Can I qualify to go?

Find a daughter. (laughing)

Yes, I have been known to do that very thing in order to go to Mother Daughter Banquets. Maybe I can rent a daughter for the weekend? You never know, we might meet in Washington!

That would be AWESOME!!

How can people support you right now, so you CAN go on that trip? I know there are a lot of people, including me, that would like to donate, or have a facial or buy your products.

I am really open to ideas on how best to sell my products, and for locations near where we live to do my facials, so that I can earn the money. Since we do charity work also, we are always looking for donations. I am really in to Cancer Research and stopping Sex Trafficking. I donate a certain portion of all my proceeds to charity. That part is extremely rewarding for me. (Want to donate, or get involved? Email Muddy Rose!)

I have been reading about you and your mom, and how you are trying to do some testing to see how best to ship your products. How close are you Christina Hirst, mother of young entrepreneurgetting to that?

(Mom, Christina steps up to the mic.) Yes, we are looking into that. Actually, I am handling all of that. I really want to connect with someone that has done that before. I don’t want to go into that blind. I have researched brand name shippers and what they require, like dry ice and cold packs. So I really want to talk to someone that has done this, and we also need to play with the recipes and see how they hold up to being frozen, etc. (Have any ideas? Email Christina!)

When I hear that, Christina, all I can think of are the grand possibilities for home school science. Throw the text book away for a few days and do some experiments.

(Tiffanie) That sounds good to me!!

(Christina) Yes, those are some of the fondest home school memories we have here, too.

Tiffanie, I am really struck that at your young age, you are living purposefully, and living out the passions and gifts that God has given you.

I noticed in reading your interview on The Whatever Girls website that you started this The facial that started it all - with Grandma!company from the care that you feel for your grandma.

Ya, you know, she is like my second mom.

I can tell you have a caring heart, and you wanted to pass on this same nurturing and relaxation to people in the mall. I also noticed that you want to be a neo-natal nurse when you grow up. What I am seeing in all of that is that God has given you the special gift of empathy and compassion. Have you thought about how this passion is driving a lot of your thoughts and ideas?

Yes, actually I have, because I have always wanted to help out. I always knew that I had caring in me, but sometimes that moves away from me. But now it is really coming back to me and it’s really strong now. Like at church, I take care of the babies all the time. I see these twin boys and their mom, and I am always watching out for them. I just care for people. I feel bad for the homeless. When I see them, I just want to give them all of my money.

I had been pushing this caring away for a little while, but we started this business, and now it is really coming back.

I am excited to have this interview with you today, but more than that, I want to encourage you and your mom.

I am a firm believer, as one business owner to another, that no matter what you turn your hand to do, if it is driven by the passions and calling that God has given you, it will be successful.

Looking back on my life, I also have realized that all the care that I put into things can also have a down side. Sometimes, I don’t know when to say, “No!”. Is that something you ever struggle with?

(Giggling) Yes, I struggle with that a LOT! Fortunately my mom often says, “No, be wise.” Did you read about my first $400? I had $200 in my pocket, and my church gave me a large donation. I spent my half on taking my family out to eat. My mom told me to stop that then. She talked to me about spending it more wisely, like on replacing all the clothes that I was growing out of.

Exactly, you are in that stage of your business and in life where learning how to handle money is a big job!!

Yes, that is right. In fact, my mom currently does most of that job for me.

Little by little, I am sure that you will learn how to do that too.

Tiffanie, it has been wonderful getting to know you better through this interview. As we end here, do you have any advice for other entrepreneurs out there, young or old?

Stay strong to your heart. If you want to do something, and everyone else is saying you can’t, do what your heart wants to do and what God is showing you.  If you like your idea, but it is too expensive, or you want to go up a little bit, you think and pray. Ask people to help out. Think of bold things to do, if you want to go to a higher budget.

That’s great advice. I am going to take these ideas and apply them to my business this week. It is easy to listen to the other people out there that don’t think big thoughts. There are two kinds of people out there. The Big Thought People, and the Ralliers. It sounds like you are surrounded by some of each.

Yes, I am. At first I didn’t want to go on, but people pushed me, and pushed me, and now look where I am. I am having interviews. I am trying to raise money to go to Washington. Without my grandma and my mom, I wouldn’t be doing this right now. Without the women at my church, I wouldn’t even be having this interview right now.  When I was little I always used to pray that I would be like a pop star, and I am seeing how God is answering that prayer.

BTW, would you be willing to help us make a website when we get to that stage?

Absolutely, and I think we could even manage a Chick-to-Chick business discount.

Let us stay in touch. I am excited to follow your success!!

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