Nanodegrees & Apprenticeships

So how would the U.S. be different if we offered more apprenticeships as many other countries do? Are nanodegrees a step in the right direction?

Whose job is it to train skilled workers?

Hu-Friedy, a manufacturer of dental instruments in Chicago, says its future hinges on four employees. So, it is paying them to leave their jobs for two years.

Stop Bashing America, Americans!

Are you as tired of America bashing as I am? Everyday we work with American innovators, business owners, and industrialists who quietly do what they do best, bringing genius, hard work, and thought leadership to all that they do. Without them American aero-space, military, economy, and business would not move forward. Our freedoms would not be secured. Banking would come to a halt. Click to continue…

Brian James Freeman’s birthday is today.

Why does this matter? Because on this day, a few years ago, well, maybe decades, he popped out of his mother’s womb and scared her to death, almost. He has been scaring us all since. We thank you, Brian. We love a good scare.

In lieu of National Honesty Day…

We started this month with high jinks and even caught a few well-intentioned and super smart people in our web of lies. Hmm…does that make us good liars, heartfelt, believable, or what? The deal is, at the bottom of every lie (or at least many lies) is a grain of truth. Since today is National Honesty Day, we will tell you what the grain of truth is. Can you guess?

April Fools: Out with the old, In with the new!

Ha, well Calvin pulled a good one this year!! He caught just a few people in his prank, including trusting Fr. Earl. I bet he said a few extra prayers yesterday, since we had just started his project. Thanks ya’ll for playing!!!