eCommerce Website Development

ecommerce website design wichitaIf you are looking for an eCommerce solution that can scale from start up to enterprise capabilities as your company grows, you are in the right place.

These eCommerce website design services are perfect for brands that:

  • are B2C, B2B or both
  • offer 100’s or 1000’s of SKUs
  • plan on growing their product line over time
  • plan on offering unique shopping features to their visitors
  • plan on scaling their organization from start up to mid or enterprise level
  • have budgets starting at $20,000


If your need are simple, and you have a smaller budget, learn more about our eCommerce design services.

2C is an eCommerce Website Design Agency

In 1995, we were the first company in the state (and maybe the nation) to pioneer eCommerce, creating shopping carts, before there were any. We extend an invitation to you to partner with us, and benefit from our experience.

All of our eCommerce website design is guaranteed to look fabulous on any mobile device that your visitors are using to shop for your products.

eCommerce website design

for the following shopping cart platforms
Miva Website Design
Magento Web Design

2C ecommerce website design capabilities

everything you need under one roof
Shopping Cart Platform Experience
We bring 24+ years of expertise in these platforms to the table: Miva website design & Magento web design.
We are capable of setting up / creating any kind of functionality that your Miva or Magento shopping cart needs, from straight out-of-the-box, to fully custom modules.
Website Strategy
We examine your your competition, verbalize the unique value that you bring to the market, and create clear marketing goals. Then we create a sales flow for your website that will create the most profits.
Professional Copywriting
Written with the goal to give your visitors all of the information they need for whatever part of the buying cycle they are in.
eCommerce Design
Your eCommerce website will be designed just for your brand, to appeal to your visitors & drive traffic to your profit centers.
Tech Set Up
Relax, we take the hard work out of setting up your shopping cart. We do all the set up, like payment methods, shipping, taxes and customized email notifications.
eCommerce Consulting
We offer complete eCommerce consulting services, including optimizing your sales funnel, solving usability issues, creating automated back-end processes, conversion optimization and much more.
Tracking and Analytics
We install several tracking codes on your site to collect user and traffic data. Visualize how visitors are using your site.

Put our robust eCommerce capabilities to work.

Put our robust eCommerce capabilities to work.

The 2C eCommerce Website Design Process

here is what to expect
eCommerce Strategy
Typical Turn Around: 4 weeks
Set Up & Design
Typical Turn Around: 4 weeks
Responsive Coding
Typical Turn Around: 6 weeks
Q&A / Launch
Typical Turn Around: 2 weeks

The sooner we get started, the sooner you can sell.

The sooner we get started, the sooner you can sell.