Website Redesign Services

With mobile use statistics climbing at a staggering rate every day, and with the growth of content management platform use, website redesign is one of our busiest services. From the beginning of 2012, to date, things have changed dramatically. We started explaining the need for responsive website design to our clients, and by the end of the year, they firmly knew that they HAD to get their non-mobile ready websites redesigned. All of them opted for one of two premiere website platforms in the industry, depending on their needs:

According to the June 2014 McKinsey study, “As digital becomes more integrated into businesses, executives acknowledge that some investments must change. Across the trends, respondents are most likely to say their companies are under-investing. More broadly, only one-fifth of executives report that their organizations spend at least 5 percent of their current cost base on digital programs; nearly one-third of respondents expect their spending will reach this level in three years’ time.”

The C-Suite is beginning to realize that things have to change if they are to compete in the digital age. It is not enough to have any old website as the face of their brand. It is also not enough to have a non-mobile website.

Ready to Fire Your Website?

Your website is the face and brand of your company. Your website is your 24 hr salesman, ready to greet and inform potential clients of your business’ capabilities. What is this salesman presenting to your customers? Would you give him a raise for outstanding performance, or fire him?

Why do YOU want to fire your website?

  • Your website rankings are slipping, or non-existent.
  • Your website doesn’t look professional, modern, or up-to-date.
  • Mobile traffic to your site is 75% or more, and your site isn’t ready.
  • It is not easy for your staff to make content updates.
  • You need more functionality and interactivity for your clients and sales team.

if you answered. ‘Yes’, to any of the points above, get started now.

The study goes on to say, “To achieve…growth, organizations are maintaining a clear focus on customers—the same emphasis we saw in last year’s survey.Of the six digital trends we asked about, executives expect the largest share of their digital growth in the coming years will be from digital customer engagement, followed closely by the digital innovation of products, operating models, or business models.”

“HOLY SMOKES! My mouth is still open. Can’t believe what I’m seeing. Man, you are good at this website redesign thing! Now I will be proud to send my customer’s to my site.’ – P. R., Elemental Nutrition

Understanding the Website Redesign Process

Believe it or not, just being tired of how it looks, isn’t always a good reason to redesign. Your customers are always looking for consistency and a comfort zone. Sometimes a complete redesign isn’t what you need. You may just want us to resolve usability issues and freshen your images and content. For that you will want to look into our (UX) usability design services.

Website Redesign Survey

To refine your website redesign plans, we will survey you, your staff, new site users, and evaluate your competition:

  • What complaints do I get about my current website?
  • What information or functionality is missing from my current site?
  • Who are my top five online competitors?
  • What about my competitors’ websites do I like?
  • What functions and interactivity do I want to provide to my site viewers?
  • Do I want my staff to be able to easily update and add content?

Putting effort into analyzing your goals and objectives at this stage is the most critical key to success. Knowing exactly what both you and your site viewers want will help to keep your website redesign project on track and ensure that you’re happy with the end result.

Website Redesign Checklist

  1. Determine what you need to get out of your web site redesign.
  2. Understand costs, which can range from $10,000 – 20,000. Keep in mind that redesign plans require hours of consultation, evaluation, research and planning, in order to achieve long-lasting results.
  3. Develop a thorough website redesign punch list of tasks. (We use a unique Project Management System, SmartSheet. See what our customers say about it!)
  4. Know who is responsible for doing what. Sending your deliverables on, or before, they are needed will help the redesign avoid delays and cost overages.
  5. Provide timely feedback during the project, and be prepared to sign off on certain aspects of the project as you go.
  6. Be part of the final testing phase to make sure things work as you expected.
  7. Training and Documentation: You will receive ,training to use your site, your hosting control panel, or your eCommerce store. You will also receive a 20+ page client handbook that gives you written instructions, tips, and trick to keeping your site running smoothly.
  8. Launch Party! Help choose an appropriate date and time to launch your new website.  Be on hand to answer any last minute questions, and run post launch tests to make sure things are still working correctly.
  9. Post Launch: Listen for, or elicit client feedback on the new website design to make sure that you did, in fact, meet your goals. They are your best (and worst) critiques. Be ready to fix any remaining issues immediately.
  10. Lastly, this isn’t it. The care and feeding of websites is an ongoing process. You have just entered the Content Curation and Website Maintenance Phase.

If your current website was a salesman, would you give him a raise for outstanding performance, or fire him? Let us know.