Website Design Services

2C Development Group specializes in websites that deliver leads and sales. We are specialists in responsive website design, responsive e-commerce website design, WordPress website design & User-Experience Design.

We specialize in creating your website visitor’s first impression of your company, not only supporting and promoting your brand, but creating an optimized lead or sales funnel that will convert and improve your ROI.

Designing Websites in Wichita KS since 1996

One of the biggest hurdles to a good website, is a company’s ability to see themselves as their website viewer. That is where we excel. Our unique interview style allows the most important information to flow. Often, you, the CEO, are so used to thinking about your company, that you no longer know what are crucial pieces of information and which are not. And sometimes, it is hard for you to separate yourself from your company, and industry jargon to present information in an appealing manner to your website visitor.

We bring sector experience to these conversations that allow us to ask the right questions. Because, after all, YOU have the right answers. We are also an ‘outsider’, so we look at your website design in the same way as your customers will. That is a perfect marriage, right?

” 2C Development Group was in constant contact, keeping me up to date on our website design project. The new website looks wonderful and is easy for our customers to navigate, and also for us to add or change content. Great work!” Dara Marlar, Cookshack Inc.

Why do you want your website designed?

According to the June 2014 McKinsey study on the C-Suite going digital, “It’s evident that digitization has become a critical asset in many companies’ quest for growth. More than three-quarters of executives say the strategic intent behind their digital programs is either to build competitive advantage in an existing business or to create new business and tap new profit pools.”

To Build Your Competitive Edge?

A well-designed, functional web site is the foundation of your brand. Your website is your potential customer’s first impression of your brand. The quality of your website translates the quality of your services and products to the public. Does it promote your company well? Does it drive leads and sales, or does it drive them to your competition? 

To create New Business and Tap New Profit Pools?

The study goes on to say, “More than one-third of all respondents expect at least 15 percent of their companies’ growth in the next three years will be driven by digital.” If you knew you could create a 15% ROI by building a website that outperforms your competition, would you do it? How would that knowledge change your view of the initial investment? It would seem like a mere pittance compared to doing nothing, right?

Our Website Design Process

We work using a powerful phased consulting approach that leverages our years of industry experience, and minimizes project friction for you.

  • Auditing, Evaluation, Research
  • Remediation
  • Building
  • Maintaining

Once we have assessed who your competitors are, both those you are aware of, and those you may not be, through a competitor audit, and thoroughly recorded all the goals and needs of your organization through consultation, we will follow these website design steps for success.

  • Wireframe Creation
  • Storyboarding
  • Visual Design

We help you translate the caliber of your brand, services and products online. Ready to get started?