Shopping Cart Comparison – 2014

Miva Compared to the Top Shopping Cart Choices From our research, there are has never been any eCommerce platforms that can be evenly compared with Miva Merchant concerning pricing, features, and usability. A quick, on the fly, analysis of our experiences is this: BigCommerce – is too limited in add-ons/modules. Shopify – is closer, but you have to use their credit card processor, or they take 1% of your sales off the top. Volusion –…

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Miva Multi-Seat Billing FAQ

Changes in Miva User Billing is Imminent! “Starting with the release of Version 9, or in 90 days, whichever comes first, Miva Merchant is changing to a per-administrative seat pricing model. Every installation of Miva will come with 1 simultaneous user. If a merchant needs 2 or more people logged into the Miva Merchant admin at the same time, they will need to purchase additional seats.” Click to read all the details about this change.

Understanding Google+

It takes a lot of fortitude to use Google Plus as though it was any other type of social media. There will be little ROI if you use it without understanding. Go into it with your eyes open, and you will get more out of it. Click to read what Google+ is all about.

Miva Default USPS Tracking Link Not Working

If you have gotten feedback from client that your USPS tracking links are not working correctly, they are right. In July of 2014 USPS changed the URL for their tracking page. Click for the fix.

Planning an SEO-Friendly Domain Migration

Read our Case Study about migrating our own domain name to another one when we rebranded. It felt like a hair-raising experience, but following the steps in this article worked miracles and our SEO actually improved!

How to Fix Your Printer

This is a Brother and not a Cannon, I presume… Any ideas on how to fix this printer?

Ranking is NOT the Supreme SEO Goal

Rankings have taken on exaggerated proportions in site owner’s minds. It is far more important to press forward on doing things that will make your search results stand out, than having a stroke (or giving your SEO company one) over a #1 rank.

Notification sounds stopped working since iOS7 on my iPad.

This is a major problem that has been noted on Apple’s support forums, as well as on many other sites across the internet. Finding an actual fix for it, however, was difficult, even for us. But we did. Click to learn how.

MD5 Hash Mismatch Error: Miva Merchant

Over the last decade our Miva clients have complained that their customers got this message when they tried to place an order in their store: Error: “Unable to authorize payment: MD5 Hash mismatch. Please contact the store administrator if you continue to experience this problem.” Urgency Level: HIGH Cause: if a store owner changes their MD5 Hash Code in their admin area, and forgets to change it in their Miva store, this causes a…

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Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

Differentiation is one of the most important strategic and tactical activities in which companies must constantly engage. Click here to learn how to create your USP.