2C is a website consulting company. Expertise at the ready without adding headcount to your team.

Our clients view us as an extension to their team, filling in expertise through a coaching approach of education and strategy building.

Once, we have completed your competitve analysis, it is time to look at how strong your online strategy is at creating and nurturing your B2B or B2C leads or customers.

Wherever you’re at with your website, we’ll bring 24+ years of experience to the table, as your website consultant.

Everyone thinks they need a website, but what they really need is leads or sales. Your site is the acquisition tool.

The question to ask is, “What do I need to do to sharpen my tool?

That is where 2C comes in. It takes someone on the outside, who isn’t steeped in “industry think”, who can ask the right questions and organize the answers into usable data and an elegant action plan.

Consult with us to learn how to create and sustain relationships with your leads and customers.

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Taste the 2C Difference…

Start with a 15 or 30 minute website consultation.

Our website consultant sessions get booked up months in advance.
But, we have 1 opening for a CEO Sprint this month. Reserve it now.

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Hire 2C as your website consultant & we will dive into:

eCommerce questions like:

  • Have you profiled your buyer personas?
  • What do these personas need at every stage of the buying cycle?
  • How much are you profiting off of cart-abandonment?
  • What are you doing to drive repeat business?
  • How are you creating brand loyalty?


Lead Gen questions like:

  • How are you converting traffic into inquires? What is your lead magnet?
  • Are you lead scoring? What is the basis?
  • What marketing automations do you have in place?
  • What does your lead nurturing program look like?
  • How effective are your drip campaigns?

Lead Time: typically 2 weeks

Turn-Around Time: typically 1 day – 3 months


  • Mini Engagement – 15 – 30 mins: CEO Sprint $3.62 per minute – reserve now
  • Full Consulting Package: $1,500+ depending on complexities – discuss your site here


The #1 most empowering thing that we teach you, as website consultants, is to know your tool, and how to best use it to create profits:

  • what your website can and cannot do for you
  • how to cater to your visitors through every part of the buying cycle
  • how to captivate the right leads and discourage the wrong ones
  • how to keep your brand in “top of thought”
  • when is the best time to send more traffic to your site

RELAX! Now you don’t have to wear ALL of the hats. 2C has you covered.

RELAX! Now you don’t have to wear ALL of the hats. 2C has you covered.

Customer Retention Should Be the Central Theme of Your Marketing Plan

It costs money to land customers, and even more to lose them. Customer retention is how you make real money, so that is where your focus needs to be, even when you are creating strategies on how to land them.

The average lifecycle of a B2B customer is considerably longer than a retail consumer. With more time and consideration required on both the seller and buyer sides, it’s no wonder B2B customers highly regard their vendor relationships and, in turn, hold them to a higher standard. Providing a fluid and consistent relationship from first contact to landing a sale and beyond, requires a strategy with clear goals and outcomes.  We can help you do that.

Retail consumers are a confident bunch, and if a business doesn’t know a person’s likes or dislikes, they are more than willing to jump ship to another store to gain a sense of personalized connection. Loyal customers come out of personalized interactions. B2C businesses must invest in strong customer relationships or they will lose to competitors who are all too eager to poach customers who will abandon an eCommerce brand for less. We can teach you how.

Choose 2C as a website consulting partner and we promise to help you think like a customer, not a vendor.

Our website consulting includes:

  • identification of key-players
  • time lines and deadlines
  • written inventories
  • online or in-person meetings
  • project management
  • complete documentation
  • final strategy report


“2C excels at the organization and management of small and large projects. We never had to wonder what they were working on, or what our responsibilities were, and when things were due. We had never worked with a company that exceeded our expectations like this before.” Carl F, Denver CO

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Our proven methods produce results. Put our 24+ years of expertise to work!