Does your website know where it’s going over the next 2-4 years?

Or, do you start over, every so many years, when the next salesman comes along and convinces you that your site isn’t worth investing any more money in? This is very common. But, it doesn’t have to be true for you. Why not create a great foundation and keep building growth?” That is what a website strategy plan does for you.

Do you ask yourself any of these questions? If so, a website strategy plan is the answer.

  • What’s the point of our website?
  • Is there more we could do with our site to make more money?
  • Are our visitors happy with their experience when they use our site?
  • Should we be focusing on SEO, Paid Ads, Social Media, or what?
  • How do we know if we are seeing a return on our website investment?
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Taste the 2C Difference…

Start with a 15 or 30 minute website strategy consultation.

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We’ll bring 24+ years of experience to your website strategy plan.

Partnering with 2C to create your website strategy plan is very useful, no matter who conducts the final work (in-house, out-sourced). The resulting guide can be distributed to the appropriate departments in your organization, and/or handed to your webmaster. It helps keep everyone involved on the same page, which saves time and avoids cost overruns.

Think of it like this.

Employees, or even webmasters, come and go, and sometimes that means that the incoming folks start veering off into a new direction.

If you have a website strategy plan, things keep moving in the same direction, and the concentration can be on growth, instead of do-overs.

Lead Time: typically 2 weeks

Turn-Around Time: typically 1-3 months

Price Range: $3,000 – $15,000

You will receive the 2C Website Road Map, which is an actionable website strategy plan, that guides you over the next 2-4 years to:

  • Understand your website’s audience
  • Keep your visual design within your brand style
  • Provide the best user experience (UX)
  • Create the right calls-to-action
  • Generate the most valuable content
  • Choose the right inbound marketing methods


Not sure you are ready for this step, yet? Let’s start with an audit.

Is your site dated, piecemealed, or abandoned by another company?

Is your site dated, piecemealed, or abandoned by another company?

Let’s talk about how a website strategy plan is built.

It is a conversation, between you, your team, and us. Obviously, you are the vendor. We play the part of the customer. Together we arrive at the most useful information. The more that we know, the better our strategy will be. So don’t hold back. Even the smallest detail can make a big difference in the end. This is a trust and rapport building process – crucial to the final product.

  1. We will assume that we don’t know everything about you and your industry, and we hope that you don’t think we will.
  2. We will ask you a lot of questions that include: Why, Why not, How, Who, When.
  3. You will ask us a lot of questions, too, that include: Can we do that? Is it possible? Why is that important? Why can’t we have it this way?
  4. And then, both of us will process what we heard, and sift it down to the essence needed for an elegant strategy.

Website Strategy Plan Activities

  • “Get Married” to your brand, so that we understand everything about it
  • Inventory your organization – its strengths and weaknesses
  • Determine what your website goals are
  • Talk about your target market and your industry
  • Clearly articulate your value—what you uniquely bring to the table
  • Create measurable goals and methods to track progress

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Our proven methods produce results. Put our 24+ years of expertise to work!