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Online Project Management Our company rocketed light years into the future when we started using SmartSheet to manage our website development projects.

See what our customers have to say about this project management system. As we started introducing our customers to their project SmartSheet, many of them decided to employ SmartSheet to manage aspects of their own companies. Since then, we have started using it to manage internal office tasks, like vacation schedules, to online tasks like linking online website forms to one of our SmartSheets, for quick and painless client intake. SmartSheet drives growth and opens opportunities for marketing. Give it a try FREE for 30 days.


ATLogoAccurateTax has one clear goal: to help any business, regardless of size or revenue, achieve sales tax compliance.

With over 20 years of collective software development in the sales tax arena, AccurateTax is uniquely positioned to combine a robust cloud-based sales tax service with a tiered pricing structure that aims to meet the budget of any business. In the world of e-commerce, sales tax grows increasingly more complex every year. The ongoing debate surrounding a possible internet sales tax puts e-commerce retailers in the forefront of legislator’s minds. We have the sales tax solution! Contact us for more information today.


4-Tell’s modern digital commerce platform drives collaboration, merchandising efficiency, customer loyalty and profitability by arming sales associate with shopper-specific data to enable a collaborative and personalized interaction with each unique shopper. Here’s how it works. 4-Tell gathers rich customer and product-centric data through 4-Tell’s search, recommendations, and integration of shopper history. 4-Tell’s Cognitive Commerce Engine enriches this real-time shopper data and displays it in visual, user-specific profiles through our Collaborative Commerce Platform. In showcasing shopper behavior and buying signals, we inspire sales to collaborate more effectively, online and offline, with every shopper – driving loyalty, inspiring confidence and, ultimately, boosting business results. We would love to show you what it can do! Contact us for a demo today.


We would love to show you how to boost sales by 15% or more! Ready to see?