Startling Facts about CEO’s & Online Assets

At least 15% of your company’s increase in ROI in the next three years
will be driven by your mobile web presence.


  • CEOs are more involved in digital efforts than ever before & their organizations are finally investing enough to meet their online goals.
  • Opportunities for growth are highest at companies that pursue online assets to create new business & revenue streams.
  • The largest area of company growth in the next few years will be from online customer engagement (mobile search, social media).
  • Tablet and smartphone use nearly doubled last year. Mobile share is now around 27% on average.
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CEO’s Struggle to Understand and Create Value Online

Only 7% say they understand the exact value at stake from creating and maintaining websites and social media.


Most organizations have only a basic grasp on the value that digital can create. As online and digital assets become more integrated into businesses, executives acknowledge that some investments must change and a greater importance placed in this area, both now and in the future. Less than 40% of executives say their companies have accountability measures in place for online objectives.

Roughly 90% of executives say their companies have a pressing need for digital talent in the next year.

This is where 2C Development Group comes in…

Since 1996 we have worked with CEO’s and companies that fall into this category. And the need is ever more pressing with global, economic and online changes.

Companies who engage in serious investment in their online presence (mobile websites, product catalogs, eCommerce, inbound marketing, social media, content curation, online reputation) will be the ones to maintain competitive parity and drive growth in the next few years.

Positioning your company now has never been more important. Are you where you need to be?

  • We help your organization understand the value of digital assets. We partner with CMOs and CEOs to help them understand what they can gain from digital initiatives and to create priorities and direct investments inside the areas of highest value.
  • We help your organization to identify the types of talent you need. We will consult with you to find the areas of attention with the most need, to identify when to outsource, and when to hire in, and to create effective organizational structures & accountability programs, in order to take full advantage of the opportunities that digital efforts offer.
  • We partner with you, providing that talent pool. We offer a team that will partner with you to realize your digital goals. From consulting, competitor & website audits, resolving technical issues, to the website development and maintenance phases, we build long-term relationships. Our unique consulting approach allows us to understand your organization, its pain points, its customers, its products and services, rather than just building a boiler-plate website, and then leaving. We take the long-term view that allows for flexibility and adjustment as things change in your company, as well as online. Then, we are there to celebrate your successes.

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