Our Powerful System of Success

We work with you using a simple, yet powerful, phased approach. Go here to see what our clients think of our system.website development process

  • Intake & Consulting
  • Remediation
  • Building
  • Maintaining

Everyone starts with an initial intake, where we look at the summary of your needs and consider a good fit. We will ask you for a RFP (Request for Proposal), or you may call it a Spec Sheet, outlining the needs of your organization. If you are unable to create one for us, we are happy to consult with you, and create one with you. You will find it to be very gratifying, as it allows us to interact in a way that helps you visualize the possibilities, and highlights needs you may not be aware of.

Remember, you have the right answers!

We have the right questions. Having established where you are allows us to understand which phase you are in. In many cases, you will travel through at least three phases, before you are in maintenance mode. Here we explain why…

Consultation and Evaluation

There are many things to consider when taking on a new client. Establishing your online history through website audits, oral explanations and online research is necessary for mutual success. Just as a plumber doesn’t fix your sewer line without tracing it back to the main line, we don’t take on projects without a budget to learn all that we can about your online successes and failures, your company, and your service and product offerings. We sit down with you, and get a full perception of where you are, and where you want to go. Often, we help you visualize where you CAN go, and what it would take to get there.

Immediate Remediation

Whether it is online reputation issues, procuring the ownership of your domain name, resolving website hosting issues, or black-hat SEO, there is always something that needs to be done to triage critical issues.


Responsive Websites

Having a website built in RWD (responsive website design) has become a HUGE factor in online success. We would be remiss if we maintained a website that is sub-standard and will not lead to a good outcome. If your company doesn’t currently have an responsive website, that will be the mandatory next phase. We do not work on non-mobile-ready websites. It is in your best interests that we also do not waste your company’s budget on websites built in unusual, or difficult content management systems, or with sub-standard code. You have probably already found that your cumbersome website platform, and it’s lack of support, is due for a change to one that protects your bottom line.

Social Media

Your company may have felt burdened with so many new things to learn and accomplish online, and without a consulting partner, you may have put off entering the world of Social Media. This is fast becoming another critical piece for online success, by not only engaging with your customers, but also in the area of Search Engine rankings. This is where 2C Development comes in. We provide the Talent Pool that you are seeking. We do the heavy lifting, so you can continue to do what you do best.

What phase is your project in? Let us know.