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No other marketing channel comes close to having 4.5 billion daily users. Are you leveraging the potential of email marketing in your business strategy?

2C specializes in collaborating with small businesses to help them use email marketing to raise awareness, build confidence, create conversions and enjoy a loyal community around their brand.

Is your small business missing out because of uncoordinated promotion strategies?

Is your small business missing out because of uncoordinated promotion strategies?



In the dynamic landscape of digital marketing, strategies continually evolve to meet the ever-changing needs of businesses. The benefits of email marketing have become more pronounced than ever, providing businesses with a powerful tool to connect, engage, and convert their target audience. Let’s delve into the key advantages of email marketing and explore how it remains a cornerstone of successful marketing campaigns.

eMail Marketing is Effective Because It’s Voluntary

Perhaps one of the best parts of email marketing for for-profit and non-profit organizations is that signing up to receive emails from an organization is voluntary. This signals a user’s interest in your brand.

Inbound vs Outbound Marketing

Think of reaching out, as OUTbound marketing. Most traditional marketing is outbound marketing. Examples of outbound marketing methods include cold calling, cold emailing or spamming, direct mail, billboards, event sponsorships and trade show presentations. This type of marketing can be perceived as interruptive. Additionally, outbound marketing can contribute to ad fatigue. We’ve all experienced ad fatigue, and have taken measures to tune out, turn off, or block ads completely.

Inbound marketing is a marketing methodology that is designed to draw visitors and potential customers IN. Rather than pushing ads and messages onto consumers, inbound marketing is designed to pique curiosity and engagement, and draw customers in. This is really about content strategy and content marketing through blog, social media, and email marketing platforms, like MailChimp and Active Campaign.

Email Marketing Automations
With email automations, you can send the right content to the right person, or segment, at the right time.

As a small business owner, it’s especially hard to wear all of the hats. 2C can save you time and money with email automation. We will consult with you to understand repetitive or time consuming email marketing tasks, and transform them into content and automations that take care of them for you.

Ready to reap the benefits of THE most effective marketing channel you can employ?

Ready to reap the benefits of THE most effective marketing channel that you can employ?

eMail Marketing Methods

Segmented, Personalized, Interactive: Yield High Results

Using today’s robust email marketing platforms, it’s possible to share email content that is tuned to the needs and wants of readers.

Here’s what readers want:

SEGMENTED: These platforms let you divide recipients into groups based on interests, behaviors, location, demographics, purchase cycle stage. You can use data from how your website visitors showed interest in content on your site to segment them into interest groups. Marketers who use segmented campaigns can see as much as a 760% increase in revenue.

PERSONALIZED: You can use data collected, such as birth date, first purchase, one year anniversary of their being a customer, to send personalized, exclusive offers. Other examples are: abandoned cart emails, product recommendations, re-engagement emails. Personalized emails get opened and links get clicked 2.5 times more than non-targeted emails.

INTERACTIVE: The goal here is to create content that invites readers to engage with it by tapping, swiping, clicking, listening, watching. “91% of consumers want interactive content, but only 17% of marketers provide it,” said Megan Moller, director of content marketing at Litmus. “Marketers report seeing a 200% improvement in click-through rates when using interactivity.” Think: GIFs, links to podcasts, videos, polls, quizzes, question of the day, count down timers.

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